Indian Fusion Dessert Dishes are the most expected recipes to celebrate any special occasion all over the globe. Yes, the authentic taste of Indian desserts creates a lasting impression in everyone’s heart and leaves them speechless. Whether it can be an Australian or American wedding, you can place orders of Indian sweets to elevate the ceremonies. Hold on! What if you blend some other sweet recipe with Indian desserts? It will be terrific that mesmerize you with every bite. Let’s explore some infused dishes in this article to elevate weddings to the next level. 

Rasmalai Tres Leches  

Rasmalai Tres Leches is one of the most loved Indian Fusion Dessert Dishes. Tres leches are nothing but the sponge vanilla cake soaked in evaporated & condensed milk and heavy cream. On the other hand, rasmalai is a traditional Indian sweet made up of cottage cheese (paneer) and soaked in condensed milk with nuts. Choosing this Mexican – Indian fusion dessert to elevate marriages is an apt choice that also, boosts everyone’s mood and satisfies their taste buds. For sure, Rasmalai Tres Leches attracts everyone around the crowd and triggers their dessert carvings. 

Motichoor Ladoo Parfait 

Motichor Ladoo is the king of Indian sweets and is prepared by following simple instructions. Anyone can make this recipe at home and make up to 25 Ladoos with 150 grams of Besant flour. Parfait is a cold dessert prepared with milk, cream, nuts, fruits, eggs, and condensed milk. For Laddo Parfit, you can place orders to serve people at weddings or make it on your own with a few ingredients. It includes saffron-infused milk, pistachios, condensed milk, and sugar with a serving glass. Even the arrangement of Ladoo, cream, and topped nuts enhance the appearance of the desserts and urges everyone to take a bite at weddings. 

Gulab Jamun Thandai Mousse 

Gulab Jamun is the most famous dessert of India that easily blends with any other country’s desserts. In that list, this time Jamun Balls and Thandai merged with France mousse to stun everyone in the dining hall. It is the ultimate dessert to wow people’s hearts and you can feel the richness of creamy consistency at every bite. Avail this Indian Fusion Dessert online or make it to impress your special one at the wedding hall. It is a simple recipe, infuse the Thandai masala in whipped cream and beat until you get a mousse consistency. Add jamun balls and that mousse in a glass and serve them to guests that wow their heart and melt their heart.

Jalebi Cupcake 

Jalebi Cupcakes are quite different from others. Instead of adding two dishes separately, you need to infuse them together during preparation. In this dessert, you can every bite and feel the crumbles of Jalebi inside the soft smooth sponge cakes. This dessert is an apt choice to serve after or before ceremonies, which brings a brighter grin to weddings as well as any gatherings. Try this at home or place bulk orders on specialized fusion dessert websites. In addition, you can customize the toppings for a variety of nuts.  

Kaju Kathili Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Kaju Kathili is an Indian dessert that is prepared only with two ingredients cashews and sugar with ghee. It reserves a huge place in ceremonies among the other desserts. This time the classic nutty cashews of India fused with unique New York ice cream sandwiches. Just imagine your ice cream is filled with rich yummy nuts how will it be? Delicious right, and you start sensing the satisfaction of taste buds during each bite. You can control the kids gang using these Kaju Kathili sandwiches and give them without warning “Don’t eat more”. These sweets are rich in good fats and reduce bad cholesterol. Therefore, give them more than two and say them they can enjoy the weddings. 

Final Verdict 

Finally, you explored some of the outstanding Indian Fusion Dessert Dishes to invite happiness to weddings. Try them at your home or place your orders to enhance the celebration mood for everyone around the gathering. To enjoy the fresh and juicy sweetness, give it a try to Dessert corner.

Desserts are unavoidable as it instantly tempts you to taste it especially the list of Indian sweet items.

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